Vue Select provides two props accepting functions that can be used to implement custom filtering algorithms.

  • filter v2.5.0+
  • filterBy v2.5.0+

By default, the component will perform a very basic check to see if an options label includes the current search text. If you're using scoped slots, you might have information within the option templates that should be searchable. Or maybe you just want a better search algorithm that can do fuzzy search matching.

# Filtering with Fuse.js

You can use the filter and filterBy props to hook right into something like Fuse.js that can handle searching multiple object keys with fuzzy matchings.

    :get-option-label="(option) => option.title"
    <template #option="{ author, title }">
      {{ title }}
      <br />
      <cite>{{ author.firstName }} {{ author.lastName }}</cite>

import Fuse from 'fuse.js'
import books from '../data/books'

export default {
  computed: {
    books: () => books,
  methods: {
    fuseSearch(options, search) {
      const fuse = new Fuse(options, {
        keys: ['title', 'author.firstName', 'author.lastName'],
        shouldSort: true,
      return search.length
        ?{ item }) => item)
        : fuse.list