Vue Select doesn't ship with first party support for infinite scroll, but it's possible to implement by hooking into the open, close, and search events, along with the filterable prop, and the list-footer slot.

Let's break down the example below, starting with the data.

  • observer - a new IntersectionObserver with infiniteScroll set as the callback
  • limit - the number of options to display
  • search - since we've disabled Vue Selects filtering, we'll need to filter options ourselves

When Vue Select opens, the open event is emitted and onOpen will be called. We wait for $nextTick() so that the $ref we need will exist, then begin observing it for intersection.

The observer is set to call infiniteScroll when the <li> is completely visible within the list. Some fancy destructuring is done here to get the first ObservedEntry, and specifically the isIntersecting & target properties. If the <li> is intersecting, we increase the limit, and ensure that the scroll position remains where it was before the list size changed. Again, it's important to wait for $nextTick here so that the DOM elements have been inserted before setting the scroll position.

    @search="(query) => (search = query)"
    <template #list-footer>
      <li v-show="hasNextPage" ref="load" class="loader">
        Loading more options...

import countries from '../data/countries'

export default {
  name: 'InfiniteScroll',
  data: () => ({
    observer: null,
    limit: 10,
    search: '',
  computed: {
    filtered() {
      return countries.filter((country) => country.includes(
    paginated() {
      return this.filtered.slice(0, this.limit)
    hasNextPage() {
      return this.paginated.length < this.filtered.length
  mounted() {
     * You could do this directly in data(), but since these docs
     * are server side rendered, IntersectionObserver doesn't exist
     * in that environment, so we need to do it in mounted() instead.
     */ = new IntersectionObserver(this.infiniteScroll)
  methods: {
    async onOpen() {
      if (this.hasNextPage) {
        await this.$nextTick()$refs.load)
    onClose() {
    async infiniteScroll([{ isIntersecting, target }]) {
      if (isIntersecting) {
        const ul = target.offsetParent
        const scrollTop = target.offsetParent.scrollTop
        this.limit += 10
        await this.$nextTick()
        ul.scrollTop = scrollTop

<style scoped>
.loader {
  text-align: center;
  color: #bbbbbb;