# Using Vue Select in v-for Loops

There may be times that you are including Vue Select within loops of data, such as a table. This can pose some challenges when emitting events from the component, as you won't know which Vue Select instance emitted it. This can make it difficult to wire up with things like Vuex.

Fortunately, you can solve this problem with an anonymous function. The example below doesn't use Vuex just to keep things succinct, but the same solution would apply. The @input is handled with an inline anonymous function, allowing the selected country to be passed to the updateCountry method with the country and the person object.

Name Country
    <tr v-for="person in people" :key="person.name">
      <td>{{ person.name }}</td>
          @input="(country) => updateCountry(person, country)"

import countries from '../data/countries'

export default {
  data: () => ({
    people: [
      { name: 'John', country: '' },
      { name: 'Jane', country: '' },
  computed: {
    options: () => countries,
  methods: {
    updateCountry(person, country) {
      person.country = country

<style scoped>
table {
  display: table;
  width: 100%;